Marvin Parvez has twenty-eight years of experience in humanitarian relief, development, and advocacy in Asia, Europe and the Pacific. He is highly skilled in managing programs of large, multinational teams in multicultural, multi-faith and conflict-affected surroundings. He has been a part of successfully developing, designing, and implementing small to large scale emergency programs in multi-agency coordinated environments, with funding from a variety of government, foundations, and public sources. Marvin is also highly experienced in lobbying, advocacy, and resource mobilization. He has long-standing interests in setting quality and accountability standards, visibility and image building, as well as donor relations and networking. Marvin has been a strong & committed voice for just, dignified and equal partnerships between northern and southern NGOs.  Marvin believes that if partnership paradigm is not changed & worshiping of brands & bottom-lines replaced by dignified & empowering partnerships, the whole sector and specially large northern NGOs will experience decline and lose credibility.

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