Sudhanshu S. Singh


Sudhanshu S. Singh, an Indian humanitarian and development professional with over 28 years global experience, is founder and CEO of Humanitarian Aid International (HAI). HAI aims to become first Indian organisation, working outside India with the Indian identity on poverty alleviation and disaster management.

Sudhanshu has worked with several international organisations at the Asia-Pacific level, and has been involved in managing responses to almost all major disasters in the Asia-Pacific region since 2001. Sudhanshu has been engaged in many key global processes defining and reforming the humanitarian architecture. Presently, Sudhanshu is closely engaged in the localisation process, which has been triggered through Grand Bargain, one of the key outcomes of the World Humanitarian Summit, held in Istanbul in May 2016. Sudhanshu is also member of the coordination group of Charter for Change, which is another international process to strengthen local and national humanitarian actors.

As CEO of HAI, Sudhanshu is also trying to develop an alternative humanitarian architecture in India, which is based on Indian resources and independent of international assistance.

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